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Options for quiting smoking

Lets face facts smoking is not good for anyone and it costs a lot of money, so what are the options open to you to quit the habit and what are the success rates.

Here are 15 ways that may help you quit smoking

  1. pop into an excel sheet the cost of a packet of cigarettes, then multiply it by 365, then by the amount of years you have been smoking
  2. write down a reason for quitting – could be health – kids – etc
  3. try to avoid smoking triggers – alcohol – coffee – etc
  4. try reading Alan Carr
  5. Try using electric cigs these are a great way of supplimenting your craving
  6. look into products like nicorette
  7. Have you looked into Hypnotherapy ? this is another great way to give up smoking

We hope to pop up more information in the coming weeks with what has worked best for those who have given up smoking.

The House Decor Doctor – Advice on Curtain Design

ready made curtains dublin

Is it best to go with ready made curtains or not ?

I would always recommend that you go into a curtain shop rather than purchasing online, for the simple fact that you can go in and get the look and feel of the curtains that you will not get from a picture on a website, no matter how good the images are online.

But we also recognise that ready made curtains are great if you do not have time to wait for them to get made or simply that you are working of a budget.

There is a delightful curtains shop in Dublin called Duffy’s Curtains that we can recommend, either to drop in, or to order online – click on Curtains Ireland for more info – helped duffys curtains with their PPC Management they really are now getting more business from their e-commerce website